Nomination of Thesis Examiners

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Form Submission

You will need to complete all required sections of the form before submission can happen. Delphi will automatically determine to whom the form will be submitted and notify them of your submission.


Before processing from the GRS can begin, this form will need to be approved the following people:

  1. Co-ordinating supervisor
  2. Graduate Research Co-ordinator

Delphi will send out periodic reminders by email if a form is being held up at any stage but it is also your responsibility to monitor progression of your form. There may be occasions where you will need to step in and follow-up with people outside of Delphi.


Revisions may be requested of you by your supervisors, the GRCs and/or the GRS. Please amend your form as per the instructions given in the Discussion & Feedback tab before resubmitting. Note that your form must be formally returned to you before amendments can be made. Do not attempt to submit a new form.


Once approved by the GRC, processing by the GRS will commence. You will be contacted by by the GRS once this is complete.