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Your inbox contains all forms requiring your immediate attention i.e. a form has been submitted to you and requires your approval to progress. Click on the form name to proceed onto the management page of the form. The forms contained in your inbox are a subset of the forms listed in the Active Forms page.

Active forms
Active Forms

The Active Forms page contains a list of all in-progress forms from your students e.g. forms in the draft stage, forms awaiting approval from other staff etc. Forms here may not necessarily require your immediate attention but you will have access to them nonetheless.

Archived forms
Archived Forms

Forms listed here are no longer in progress. Forms are archived at the discretion of the GRS. Forms are generally archived once they have been processed.

In-progress Form Management

The management page allows you to track and manage progress of an individual form. Take note of any links available on this page - following them will yield further information e.g. clicking on the student number will pop up further information regarding the student's enrolment and candidature (which is drawn from Callista).


Attached documents from the form itself and any uploads from the Discussion & Feedback tab will appear here.

Discussion & Feedback
Discussion & Feedback

Communications between student, supervisors, GRCs and the GRS take place here. A time-line of significant events (e.g. submission to supervisors, submission to the GRC etc.) is also included.

Regularly checking of the Discussion & Feedback tab is recommended to ensure that you remain on top of all relevant information.

Comments posted here will generate a notification for all involved parties.


Events such as form submission, comment postings and revision requests will generate notifications. Click on a notification to go directly to the form related to the notification.

A summary of your unread notifications will periodically be sent to your UWA email address. You may receive additional reminders via email if you have outstanding items awaiting your attention in Delphi.