Research Proposal

This page contains useful information with regards to the online submission of the Research Proposal form. If you are new to Delphi, you may wish to take a moment to familiarise yourself with the system before jumping into a form. See the general help page for more information about the Delphi system.

GRC Form Assignment for Approval

Forms in Delphi are not assigned to any one GRC within a school - they are assigned to a pool of GRCs. This pool is made up of:

  • anyone on Delphi's internal list of GRCs
  • anyone whose position is any one of the following:
    • Head of School
    • Head of Department
    • Head of Discipline
    • Dean

NB: variations such as "Deputy Head of Department" and "Head of Music" are also included in the pool of users who may act as the GRC.

Anyone a part of the pool of GRCs for a school will have access to all forms from students within the school. The intention behind the pool is to allow for easy handling of situations where the usual person is unable to approve of a form for any reason including but not limited to:

  • the GRC is on leave
  • the GRC is also a supervisor for the student

It is up to the schools to organise who amongst the pool of GRCs will be responsible for approving any one form.

In-progress Form Management

The management page allows you to track and manage progress of the form.


Attached documents from the proposal itself and any uploads from the Discussion & Feedback tab will appear here.

Discussion & Feedback
Discussion & Feedback

Communications between student, supervisors, GRCs and the GRS take place here. A time-line of significant events (e.g. submission to supervisors, submission to the GRC etc.) is also included.

Regularly checking of the Discussion & Feedback tab is recommended to ensure that you remain on top of all relevant information.

Comments posted here will generate a notification for all involved parties.


You may request revisions to the proposal from the student. Please provide instructions in the Discussion & Feedback tab.

Note that the student cannot edit their proposal until you have formally returned the submission within the system.


Once approved, processing by the GRS will commence. You may still contribute comments and/or feedback at this stage using the Discussion & Feedback tab.