Dual Role Conflict

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Supervisor/GRC Conflict

Graduate Research Coordinators may not approve forms from any students that they may be supervising. The system will detect and inform you of any potential conflicts when you attempt to approve a form.


The resolution of this situation varies between schools. Generally, the other GRCs within the school will approve of the form in place of the supervisor/GRC. In the absence of another GRC, the Head of School can fulfil this role.

A list of people who could potentially fill the role of GRC is presented. This list is populated based off of positions within the school. Please contact support if your preferred person is not on the list.


A notification can be sent from with Delphi to the desired person on the list. Click on the corresponding Send button to trigger the notification.

You may wish to consider notifying the person directly outside of Delphi (e.g. phone/email/in person) if they fail to act in a timely manner.


The notification will contain instructions on how to access and complete the form.